Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oh dear ...

It seems I've spent a lot of time not updating this blog!
I have been knitting, just not saying anything about it.
This has to change!

This year started with an Afghan for my impecunious student daughter who needs to keep warm with minimal expenditure on heating.
I saw Lion Brand's Six Hour Afghan.
I thought it sounded like a good idea for a quick Christmas gift, so I bought some yarn and a 25mm circular needle.

I use circular needles for everything, but this was not my greatest idea ever.  Forcing the stitches back onto the needles from the thin cable took a lot of effort and a fair amount of bad language.
Fast forward to the arrival of 25mm straight needles.  These were considerably easier to use.

Four balls of yarn knitted at the same time make for speedy knitting.  Idiots who use two balls with the yarn fed from the middle and two balls with the yarn unwinding from the outside are asking for a great deal of tangling - and yet more swearing.

Finally, I finished it.
The Six Hour Afghan only took me four weeks!

At least my daughter finds it warm and useful.

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